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. month. a couple more weeks. or less. coming up. >>shepard: and the news begins anew. friend of iran and supporting syria no longer has a cabinet because each member of the cabinet just resigned. will that please the syrian people, the victims of a government crackdown? bok -- bok two, a million women again wal-mart and the supreme court deciding whether the class action lawsuit, job discrimination suit in american history, can go forward. and bok -- and box three, workers using sandbags and trying to cool down the damaged reactors. can this work? a world in turmoil and all ahead >>neil. but first, a day after president obama made the case on u.s. involvement in libya, the military is preparing to scale back the role and let nato take command. at the same time, members from 40 nations gather in london to discuss the end game in libya and a possible future without muammar qaddafi. at home nato allied supreme commander in europe, is telling congress he is optimistic muammar qaddafi will fall under the pressure. >> we have a chance at muammar qaddafi leaving because the entire internati
" tonight. thanks for watching fox where more news is always on the way. >> shepard: where do you stand on the budget battle? big news from one state's governor, a new law is born and the unions are not happy. plus, big questions from congress on the war in libya. >> this is just the most muddled definition of an operation. why not just be honest with the american people. >> i don't see how that's muddled. >> shepard: tonight, the defense secretary on the mission. the price tag, and what to do about qaddafi. as battles blaze, the libyan leader may be growing more defiant. tonight, qaddafi's newest warning and why he says we have started something we cannot control. and defecting from libya. this high level official left for london, but the brits aren't giving him the warmest welcome. >> not being offered any immunity. >> and now prosecutors say they plan to drill him for details on the bombing of panam flight 103. plus, the radical cleric anwar al awlaki. on why all the mideast uprising are good for the terror business. but, first from fox this thursday night, as defections rip holes in
is fragmented, under pressure and crumbling from within. >> shepard: the guy is moussa koussa by the way. he may be able to provide extremely valuable information about what is going on inside the qaddafi regime. steve harrigan with the latest on the ground battle wendel george wallace letter wit withe gluiest how important is the defection? >> the white house called it a "major defection" and libyan diplomats who support the rebounds and are based at the united nations in new york say that it is a significant blow to qaddafi. i also spoke to a former british ambassador to libya who knows moussa koussa well, and he says he is probably bringing with him a treasure trove of information. listen. >> he must, indeed, know what is going on so to speak in the the bunker. he must have been taking part in talks with qaddafi himself and the people around qaddafi the last two or three weeks and knows what the strong and weak points are. >> and that former ambassador also said, shep, that it is now time for moussa koussa to speak up loudly and describe exactly why he felt he had to leave the qaddafi regime
can vote at foxnews.com/americalive. >>shepard: the news begins anew. on "studio b" in box one, new arrests in connection to the murder of an american i.c.e. agent in mexico. the suspected mexican drug cartel members busted inside the united states. box two, a new nonpartisan report on government waste. and how eliminating dozens of overlapping programs could save taxpayers billions. and in box three, another dose of charlie sheen. be careful, he is warned it could melt your face. don't forget his abuse history. that is ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." from fox at 3:00, secretary of state hillary clinton is warning of a drawn out civil war in libya as the fight rages to push muammar qaddafi and a six-hour battle at rebels kept the pro government foxes from taking control of a city 30 miles west of trip lie. qaddafi forces tried but failed to retake another city, the third largest city, misurata and an area south of the capital and now the son, safe, is speaking out against with very different version of events saying his father has not lost control
that one. thank you for being with us. and now "studio b" right now. >>shepard: thank you, a fox news urgent as the news begins anew. three major stories. in japan another enormous set back to prevent a nuclear meltdown at fukushima much the prime minister calling the situation "grave and serious." plus ... tens of thousands taking to the streets in syria. demanding freedom. despite reports after government-sanctioned bloodbath. another middle east uprising that could have a major ripple effect in the arab world. but first at 3:00 we are told president obama will speak to the nation soon about the situation in libya. but not today. the white house spokesman carney said some time in the near future the president will explain his objectiveses in libya and why he believes the decision for military action was the right thing. he presumably laid out the objectived today with lawmakers in a concert call. >> it is our responsibility. and the president will continue to take this seriously and senior members of the administration. i will say that what i said yesterday, but it bears repeating:
. at all. thank you for watching everyone, "studio b" with shepard starts now. >>shepard: that is an untruth. that is not like you. good to see you. the news begins anew. box one, a deadly bomb attack in a crowded bus stop in iraq, called the first "terror attack if the city in years." and the hollywood star elizabeth taylor is dead today, as her family reportedly is fighting over her estimated hundreds of millions of dollars. in box number three, well, well, well, now there are photos. we have all heard about bunga-bunga sex parties and now the pictures, hello, ladies, that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. my goodness. first from follow as 3:00 on this 5th day of the war, a top coalition commander says the allies have wiped out the libyan air force. now we are told the focus is on the ground troops of muammar qaddafi. all we achieved in days what would have previously taken months or years. we have the libyan ground forces under constants observation and we attack them when they threaten or attack civilians or population centers. >>shepard: the white
liberty mutual insurance. >> shepard: good afternoon. 5:00 in new york. 7:00 a.m. in tokyo, japan. i'm shepard smith and this is fox news continuing coverage of the aftermath, one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded, including new information about radiation levels near the country's nuclear power plant or inside one. and new reports of damage in the state of california. but first -- >> shepard: this was part of the scene in japan when the 8.9 magnitude quake struck in the middle of the afternoon. a quarter to 3:00 in the afternoon on friday. the quake is nearly 8,000 times stronger than the one which devastated new zealand weeks ago. hundreds of aftershocks across japan have followed. so did a towering tsunami. with walls of water as high as 30 feet. four complete trains are now missing along the coast, train services are now suspended across much of the nation, stranding millions of commuters in the japanese capital. a ship carrying 100 people was swept away. thousands of homes are destroyed. even an airport is under water. hundreds are reported dead. hundreds even thousand
you file your tax returns. shephard smith takes over now. >>shepard: july? wow! and box number the cost of crude has jumped again. as wall street worries the fighting in libya will put a bigger dent in the oil market. and box two progress reported at the nuclear plant and when crews will restart the critical system. and in box three, a judge has sentenced the farmer nfl great, lawrence taylor, to six years probation. after he pleaded guilty to having sex with an underage prostitute. he will make the first and only appearance this day live in "studio b" -- lawrence tail. lawrence taylor, did you have sex with a prostitute? unless breaking news changes everything. but first from fox at 3:00 in new york, as international strikes continue if libya, this is word the dictator, muammar qaddafi, launched another round of attacks against his own people but we start with new details of the american fighter jet that crash landed overnight forcing two u.s. air american to eject. officials say a marine corps search-and-rescue team found the pilot and the libyan rebel forces brought the othe
>>shepard: shooting of two airmen at the airport in germany, two members are the air force are dead and two are wounded. spokesman reportedly say a gun man opened fire near or on a because carrying u.s. troops. the bus driver is also dead. and another nonmilitary passenger was injured. police have reportedly arrested a 21-year-old man, a suspect from kosovo and the attack came as the bus sat outside the terminal two of frankfurt. president obama made a surprise visit during today's white house briefing to comment on the attack. listen. >> i am saddened. and outraged by this attack that took the like of two americans and wounded two others. the american people are united in expressing our gratitudeÑixf bnbip &c @&c@ willing how this outrageousçó at took place and in working with german authorities to ensure that all of the perpetrators are brought to justice.ñrçóÑiÑi >>shepard: and homeland security has been worried about this for years.ñr >>shepard: from london, this is not the first time we heard of an attack byÑi someone from kosovo on u.s. troops. >>reporter: it could b
statement on nato. >> shepard: continuing coverage of breaking news from the fox report tonight. we're waiting for the secretary of state hillary clinton to give us the details on the handover of control of the war in libya. tonight, no-fly zone defined. the jets taken out. a warplane opening fire on an aircraft that violated libyan airspace. we'll show you what happened. and we know qaddafi likes his tents. but it turns out he also has a thing for actual homes. dozens of homes. tonight, hunting qaddafi's secret hideout. was an air traffic controller really asleep on the job? >> there is nobody in the tower. >> shepard: passenger jets getting no help as they tried to land at a major airport. >> is there a reason it's not manned? >> shepard: the pilots got no answers and now the federal government has some questions for that controller. plus, small signs of support for the 9/11 memorial. >> i think it's just a matter of, hay, we haven't forgotten. >> we were all changed, whether you were living in new york or living across the country. >> shepard: tonight, on the rise of freedom. how
," staff cry you have touched a nerve. >>shepard: the republican senator john ensign of the state of nevada fox news has learned is expected to announce he will not seek another term. in other words, resigning from the united states senate in 2012. and the g.o.p.'s best chance is a mr. killer. why is he doing this? and what does it mean big picture for balance of power? carl will join us presently with that. box number one, prosecutors say he attacked 17 women over a 12 year crime spree and now the accused east coast rapist faces a judge. box two, a second student athlete died of a heart condition of a week after another student collapsed after hitting a game winning shot. the cases are not connected but we will talk to you of the conditions involved. and in box three, word of another show in the works starring charlie sheen as he kicks off a new winning webcast. did you see the webcast on saturday night? have i got news for you, there ain't no more winning. this is a done deal. it's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but, first from fox at 3:00, the unre
hate them. >> thank you for watching, everyone, "studio b" starts now >>shepard: the news begins anew. and box one, vice president getting involved in the budget slow down on capitol hill. bipartisan talks at the white house and a live report straight ahead. new information today on the man accused of killing two united states airmen in germany. we will show you what they found on his facebook page. and box three, last minute talks now between the national football league and the unions. and, now, the president is weighing in on the dispute. that is ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" and now at 3:00 in new york the fight for libya. forces loyal to the libyan leader, muammar qaddafi, lodging new airstrikes on a town under rebel control. witnesses say a government war plane bombed an oil city in the east and this came a day after thousands of poorly armed rebels pushed back pro qaddafi troops. amateur video posted online showing groups of armed men fighting in the desert. as with must video from libya we cannot confirm the authenticity. and meanwhile, hund
, everyone, "studio b" starting with my friend shephard smith is right now. >>shepard: i hope you know all the royal stuff. >> i have you covered. >>shepard: i don't even know what a mourning coat is. and the news begins anew. where in the world is muammar qaddafi? (a), we have the scope on the secret bunkers. box two, fukushima 50, fighting to contain a nuclear disaster in dangerous conditions. and, now we have the pictures of the heroes inside the nuclear plant. and box three, want to avoid a d.w.i. check point? there is an app for that. there was. about to be banned. that is ahead. but, but breaking news could change everything. breaking news now from fox news, the wall street journal reports that an enormous change is about to happen in yemen. there have been concerns over the government deteriorating and protests spreading. there were huge concerns over what could happen after friday prayers tomorrow. now, the wall street journal is reporting of a major breakthrough that could change the course of human events there. and now and now this is big. >>reporter: the president said he will
into orbit. instead it splashed into the sea. >> we have contingency on the glory mission. >> shepard: tonight inside nasa's $400 million mistake. first from fox this friday night, libya has become a battle ground of not only bullets and bombs, but rhetoric and propaganda with both sides making dramatic new claims about just how much ground they've gained and getting to the truth about what's happening inside libya requires piecing together the pictures. for instance, this is the video that a camera crew was allowed to shoot during a government sponsored tour of the capital. pretty quiet. relatively serene. now look at video from a camera crew not on a government tour. tear gas and gun fire as protesters battle moammar gadhafi's forces on the streets of tripoli. witnesses say the regime's troops were using live ammunition and a doctor reports at least several people are wounded. and this is the scene in a key oil town in eastern part of the country. witnesses there tell our reporter on the ground that all gadhafi forces have withdrawn from the town. they own it completely. but the reg
's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: live in libya, muammar qaddafi shows his face. the video from libyan tv. plus, one of the greatest football players ever to live talks about having sex with an underaged girl. >> wasn't hiding behind a school bus, getting off the school bus. this was a working girl. >> shepard: lawrence taylor on prostitutes and family. a u.s. fighter jet those down and the crew forced to eject over libyan territory. why the military has launched an investigation. libyan opposition forces are planning a new push. >> what is your plan now? >> the highway leads to be a da i ajdabiya. >> command and control business is plaintiff's complicated. >> look at who could be calling the shots and how long it will take. >> shepard: plus, qaddafi's stash of cash. the libyan leader has been hoarding oil money for decades. tonight, where he is hiding his dollars. and how qaddafi's bank balance could tip the scales of this fight. first from fox this tuesday night, the libyan leader muammar qaddafi has come out of hiding, it would appear, to address his people an
now. >> shepard: breaking news tonight from another country that's teetering towards chaos. great britain's withdrawing part of its embassy team and security in this country deteriorates. it's yemen. and in libya, new attacks hit close to home for muammar qaddafi. >> word of new air strikes around the libyan capital. we'll see what the jets were targeting and how american fighter pilots are trying to save some trapped civilians. plus, why the white house says we are not actually at war here. and congress doesn't need to get involved. in japan, fresh smoke from a nuclear plant forces workers to evacuate again. and as radiation spreads, there is word of contamination in the drinking supplies. >> i'll probably put -- water now. >> shepard: tonight, new worries in the nuclear crisis. plus, remembering elizabeth taylor. she was a hollywood legend who collected oscars and husbands. but there is a side of her some didn't always get to see. >> she was down to earth. she was a wonderful mother. >> shepard: tonight, the liz taylor you didn't know. but first from fox this wednesday night. a
the government has con control but they could face the enemy on two fronts. >>shepard: protests cross the middle east and north africa calling for leaders in different places to step down or dramatically change their way. in iraq, thousands of mostly peaceful demonstrators demanding better government services and better pay and end to the corruption. good luck. and the watch dog group rates iraq the fourth most corrupt country in the world. in yemen, suspected hiding place of the anti-american clerk al-aliwalki government soldiers fired rockets on protesters. four people are said to have been killed and seven hurt. hundreds of thousands across the country calling for the president there to resign. in the influential island kingdom of bahrain, fighting between 100 sunni and majority shiite muslims injured several overnight. it was the first instance of sectarian violence. and now jonathan hunt has coverage from tunisia. jonathan the unrest is not over in the region. >>jonathan: and no more true than here in tunisia despite the resignation of the dictator and former president. the government here
. thank you for watching, "studio b" with shepard starts now. >>shepard: the news begins anew. , radiation in the sea and plutonium in the soil. the nuclear disaster in japan spreading to a dangerous new level. box number two, president obama tonight will address the nation in the "not "war in libya with a live report from the white house and a team of experts. in box three, foreign internet outage brought to you by american software. should the united states ban the sale of cyber censorship products to overseas regime? or can it? and what if the president decides to use it on us? all is ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b," but, first from fox at 3:00 in new york, president obama set to address the american people tonight to explain the u.s. mission in libya. the reasoning behind it. the u.s. military's role, and are we go from here. all this comes on the heels of a significant, rather, a dramatic victory for the administration with nato agreeing yesterday to take command of the mission including the ground attack. that as international airstrikes continue for
us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: a fox urgent to start things off. harvard university is now set to allow rotc back on campus for the first time in 41 years. this comes after the president and congress decided to eliminate the ban on gays serving openly in the military. harvard banned the rotc or reserve officer training corps back in the days of vietnam because of student protests. and the university stripped funding in the 1990s because officials said that don't ask, don't tell policy on gays was discriminatory. today, the school reported it will start funding the rotc and welcome military representatives back to campus. harvard's president and the navy secretary expected to sign a formal agreement tomorrow. next, the day's other top stories. including the battle for control of libya's oil. [gunfire] >> shepard: rebels trying to fight off qaddafi's forces here at a huge oil installation. [gunfire] >> dictator's son admits that libyan forces have attacked from the air. >> just to frighten them to go away. >> shepar
crime, terrorists, and drug trafficking. >>shepard: from new york on the right side of the screen is a live picture, there has been a major explosion in tripoli, libya, as the president was speaking. the screen is black at the moment but this is our camera. the explosions were loud. we will redo the video and show you in a moment. breaking news now on fox and we will get to it when the president completes his thoughts. >> the only constant thing we have is change. the time is right to recover all the lost time. and then, finally, this relationship of encounters, are shaking hands, and that can be in the past. >>shepard: the white light on the right side of the screen are is tracer fire in the air over tripoli in the middle of the night. continuing coverage in a moment. >> that will solve the major problems that will also open up the doors to opportunity. this society of knowledge and information is knocking on our doors. latin america was late to the industrial revolution. we cannot be late in this tremendous revolution which is so much deeper, that of knowledge and information. a
starts right now. >> shepard: attack on american servicemen in germany. two u.s. airmen murdered at an airport. tonight, the investigation and the suspect. plus, protests at military funerals. is that hate speech protected? now we know. >> god hates america and all of the u.s. military. >> they greet families of the fallen with signs reading thank god for dead soldiers. >> it's a disgrace. >> but is it constitutional? tonight, the ruling from the supreme court. [chanting] >> shepard: plus the chaos in libya threatens a major oil facility. and qaddafi warns the u.s. butt out. >> we will get into a very bloody war, thousands and thousands of libyan also die if america ornate toe enter. >> shepard: but the u.s. military is not backing down. >> a no fly zone begins with an attack on libya to destroy the air defenses. if it's ordered, we can do it. >> shepard: and the apple ceo steve jobs comes back from sick leave and wait until you see the new ipad 2. but first from fox this wednesday night, two united states airmen are dead tonight. gunned down at an airport in germany. another two
. balanced. not chilly. >>shepard: a refugee crisis builds in the middle east. the rebel army takes new territory trying to topple libya's muammar qaddafi. and secretary of state hillary clinton issued a warning for the world. libya could become a peaceful democracy or face protracted civil war. or it could descend into chaos. >>shepard: the dictator's son says "all good here." everything is under control. >>shepard: the world disagrees. as the u.s. military weighing what it would take to own the libyan skies. we would have to remove the air defense capability. >>shepard: new talk of a no-fly zone and another war ship arrives on the scene. 20 government programs to help homeless. 15 agencies overseeing food safety. and 82 different teacher improvement programs. tonight, a new report on regulatory redundancy and plans to save taxpayers some cash. plus, thousands of miles of natural gas pipeline run through neighborhoods across america. >> they are a ticking time bomb. >>shepard: sometimes they explode. a federal investigation into the dangers buried in our backyards. but, first, from fox
,500 a pair. >>megyn: we will bray you the girl scout story tomorrow, we ran out of time. >>shepard: the news begins anew. and the fight over the federal budget heads to the u.s. senate. lawmakers prepare to vote on two very different plans to keep the government running. fair and balanced. we're live on capitol hill. >> in box two, the key suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway now appearing to plead guilty to another crime. what it could mean for the case coming up. and in box three, new questions over the accused tucson shooter's mental state and what prosecutors want to send jared loughner all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. in "studio b." but, first from fox at 3:00 in new york, muammar qaddafi reportedly gaining ground now in the effort to crush the libyan uprising. and air power is the dictator's biggest advantage. government war planes launching new strikes from above target the rebels in the oil port and adding pressure on the international community to set up a no-fly zone. is that the right thing to do? there is word muammar qaddafi has recaptured one city
for wanting, everyone, "studio b" with shepard starts right now. >>shepard: the fox urgent: very serious new development in the most. this time it is syria and it could change the world. if you have a few minutes, listen up. i would like to spend time on it. here is what happened. unrest in syria for weeks. people want rights and jobs and have been living in a police state for 50 years. the president assad is blaming foreign conspirators for protests against the state. but there have been signs that president assad could come around. he has been talking reform. yesterday he sacked the cabinet ahead of this speech, today, the most significant of his we 11 year reign, and it was linked he would scrap the brutal restrictions on the people announce emergency law has ended. but that did not happen. in fact, he did not mention it. instead, it was classic syrian manipulation, no apology, no promise of immediate reform, and spouted empty rhetoric of an israeli agenda, and the government bused in supporters and they interrupted the speech repeatedly, praising assad and denouncing the demonstrators an
. >> shepard: world in turmoil and now in sierra. its president speak and people demand reform. tonight why syria may be the next one to watch. plus, in libya, the foreign minister leaves the country and the rebels want weapons. they are outgunned. and outmatched. and now the libyan rebels are on the run. tonight, as government forces beat back the opposition. washington wrestles with a question. should we start giving out guns? if anybody can convince qaddafi to leave, where would he go? not a lot of volunteers to look after homeless dictators. but tonight the leader of one country says we will take him. plus, this killer whale drowned his trainer last year. >> he grabbed her ponytail and pulled her under water. >> now for the first time since sea world is letting the whale perform for the crowd. tonight, the killer gets a second chance. plus, first from fox, a fox urgent on the crisis in syria, what the experts say could become more dangerous than the battle in libya. those experts are telling us it matters a whole lot more to the united states. one syrian activist says he is in a state o
to protect this location. >> shepard: we are hearing of a similar situation in the western rebel strong hold of misrata, a rebel spokesman reports qaddafi loyalists there are bringing in civilians from nearby towns to act as human shields. witnesses also claim that pro-qaddafi forces are entering the city wearing civilian clothes, blending in with the population. making it impossible to tell who is a he quote, friend and who is a quote enemy. a source tells fox news that has a potential to be enormous problem here because of all of qaddafi's oil money. tens of billions of dollars in cash. so he can afford to pay a lot of people to do his dirty work. the goal, hand over control to some unidentified somebody in days, not weeks. and what signals the end of this war? to that question tonight, there is no specific answer. we have team fox coverage. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. james rosen at the state department. first, let's get to steve harrigan live this overnight in tripoli. steve, a lot of antiaircraft fire earlier. what are you seeing there now? >> shepard, right now it's quiet, but th
conference 11:15 in the morning. keep it here on fox. >> shepard: there is, perhaps, no place in all of the middle east that can cause more problems for the world than in the uprising of the oil region of saudi arabia. now it appears to be happening. today, demonstrations, police attacks on civilians, tonight, what it means. and in wisconsin, victory, republicans. ♪ >> shepard: demonstrators showing their fury after republicans figured out how to strip powers from unions. [cheers] >> shepard: the governor says it's all about saving money. >> it's about reform. >> democrats argue it's all about politics. >> they are arrogant and naked abuse of power seems to know no bounds. >> what today's developments mean for all of us. plus, 9/11 survivors recall moments of terror. >> i saw this plane, getting bigger and bigger. >> the second jet hit our building. >> shepard: now these men return with an item that helped save their lives. >> is it more like a guiding light. used it to get back to the stairway. >> shepard: tonight, fox reports on the rise of freedom. but, first from fox this thurs
into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: civil war in libya. one city now in ruins. muammar qaddafi appears as tripoli hotel and new word from the united states and britain on planning to get involved. tonight, war. can america handle another one? government warplanes launching new air strikes against the libyan people. each side in this conflict is desperately trying to gain ground. but tonight, as people push for a no-fly zone, some experts warn it might have almost no impact. we'll show you why. plus the canadian border is almost 3,000 miles long. that means the agents charged with protecting it have to keep moving. >> our job is to stop that person coming into the united states to do us harm. >> it's 19 degrees and the wind is howling off the frozen saint lawrence river. pretty typical march morning for these border patrol agents. >> shepard: tonight, rick leventhal with the border patrol in the great white north. plus, first from fox this tuesday night, civil war. look it up. it's what's happening in libya. and tonight president
into your home tonight. that's it fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: no water, no power, five-hour waits for gasoline. survivors of the quake and tsunami here in japan face enormous challenges. as the government asks for help to prevent a full nuclear meltdown. i'm shepard smith live in tokyo. the news starts now. explosions have already rocked the reactors and if the containment systems fail, clouds of nuclear radiation could sweep into the sky. tonight, we'll show you how crews have been trying to keep things cool to prevent another disaster. and why it may already be too late. plus, some members of the u.s. military exposed to radiation as they try to help disaster survivors. and now the u.s. navy getting its ship out of the danger zone. good tuesday morning from tokyo, japan. 8:00 a.m. here in a metropolis of 13 million people in a. [no audio] >> jon: i'm jon scott in new york. we have temporarily lost our connection with shepard smith. shepard? >> shepard: infrastructure largely intact. and back here in tokyo, a city of 13 million people now dealing with the possibility o
underscore baier. make it a great weekend. fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: tonight, two major stories. in libya, new denials from my maury qaddafi as we hear new reports his army is on the move and slaughtering his people. now new signs the u.s. navy is ready to take action. and the crisis in japan. experts raise the threat level now amid severe damage at the nuclear plant at fukushima. a high probability of significant public exposure even death. i'm serpd smith live in new york. the news starts now. >> helicopters, water canons, they tried fire hoses. now, it may be time to try something else. tonight, exploring the chernobyl option. is libya backing down? after the united nations okayed a no-fly zone, the regime reportedly declared a cease-fire. what's really going on on the ground. >> this is a fluid and dynamic situation. >> once more, my maury qaddafi has a choice. >> tonight, is is qaddafi playing games and is it time to use force? >> shepard: first from fox this friday night, a fox news alert the libyan government denies that military forces plan to enter the rebel hel
. shepherd takes over. >>shepard: the news begins anew. and break news, possibly breakthrough in the martin luther king bomb plot. someone left a bag packed with explosives at a parade. one official said it was the worst device ever seen in this country. and now, today, the f.b.i. has a suspect. we will get to that. box two, really, blago? i will fight and i will fight. money woes. now blago wants to cancel the retrial. box three, "discovery" takes its place in the history boxes. that's all ahead. unless breaking news changes everything. but, first, from fox at 3:00 in new york, fox news has confirmed there is an arrest in the attempted bombing at a martin luther king parade in january. cops called it an act of domestic terrorism that could have been deadly. officials say it was a highly sophisticated bomb planted along a parade route in spokane, washington, and the f.b.i. reports an hour before the parade start time, three city employees alerted authorities they spotted wires in this unattended black backpack. everyone thought, probably nothing, they checked it and sources say inside the b
don't sweat it if your kid does not make it into the ivy league pre-school. here is ship -- shepard. >>shepard: i am shephard smith reporting from a frigid night from japan as the nuclear situation appeared earlier to be spinning out-of-control, and we are just getting word that the operator of the the tsunami crippled nuclear plant has almost complete add brand influence power line that could restore electricity to the complex and possibly solve the crisis. this as the head of the international atomic industry confirmed part of a meltdown if reactors one, two, and three of the crippled fukushima power plant calling the situation "very serious." and says he is headed to japan now to deal with the crisis in person. right now, it is difficult to get specifics about what exactly is happening inside the plant. we do know a fuel storage pond at one reactor is believed to be leaking radiation now. and there may be some damage to the containment vessel. crews are desperately trying to keep the fuel rods cool, to prevent them from burning through the concrete containers, and sending mass am
on playground started watching the children the thank you for watching us, folks. >>shepard: it is 4:00 a.m. friday in tokyo, 3:00 on thursday afternoon in new york city and i'm shephard smith in japan's capital city as radiation leaks from the damaged fukushima nuclear plant to the north. president obama is set to speak to the nation on the nuclear cries in just a few minutes and we will bring you that live as it begins. crews are using water cannons and helicopters to try to keep the reactors from everheating and melting down. a biggest concern is what is happening at reactor number three, the only unit that uses fuel mixed with highly toxic combinations with a lower melting point and officials say the cooling pool there is almost empty. there also are problems with a pool for spent fuel rods at reactor four at fukushima and the u.s. nuclear chief says the water evaporated. if they are exposed they can catch fire, melt, and release large amounts of ridation into the air. we are told crews are still working on a new power line that would restore the electricity there in theory and get th
. breaking news tonight. thanks for inviting us into your home, fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: continuing coverage of breaking news from libya as muammar qaddafi branches brand new attacks and the united nations takes brand new action. and here in japan the desperate effort to cool the nuclear contractor. an extension cord more than half a mile long could provide the best chance yet of prevent ago nuclear breakdown. this is breaking news now on fox news channel, i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. >> shepard: they are attacking the problem from the air and the ground. part of the effort to cool down those fuel rods and reactors. >> even as japanese responders continue to do heroic work, we know that the damage to the nuclear reactors poses a substantial risk. >> shepard: and officials say what happens in the hours ahead is absolutely critical. plus, a new move to pull americans out of the danger zone. >> i'm concerned because i really don't know the situation about the radiation. >> shepard: tonight, the escape from japan. and good friday morning from tokyo where there is
baier will be back on monday. i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. >> shepard: should the united states military get involved in libya? bomb qaddafi's defenses and his airports to set up a no-fly zone. tonight the talk from washington and beyond. as rebels battle qaddafi's forces, the world considers joining this fight. and we're already feeling the effects when it comes to oil prices. tonight, a huge jump at the pump has drivers digging deeper. so is it time to release the government strategic oil reserves? a basketball team now taking the court in honor of their star player who died after he hit the winning basket. >> words can't express such a loss. unbelievable. >> shepard: tonight, teenagers playing through tears and it's just happened again. another high school athlete has died at a game. >> he got up, and he started to walk a couple steps and then he just collapsed. >> shepard: now, doctors reveal what killed him. plus a crater collapses at an american volcano. we will show you the danger in the air as lava lights up the sky. but, first from fox this friday nigh
. be there as bret hosts "special report" online. go to foxnews.com/sr -- >> shepard: qaddafi must go. that cry from across the united states government. tonight, the libyan strong man speaks. and last, as his gunmen kill his people. >> shepard: american warships now headed into position. and the u.s. government with a warning to the libyan leader. >> it is time for qaddafi to go. [chanting] >> shepard: he is apparently not yesterday to leave. >> tonight. qaddafi's latest plan to buy back some loyalty. [gunfire] >> shepard: and the fight for control of a key city. the trouble in libya sending gas prices higher. and now analysts say costs could actually keep rising. we'll see how this could effect our nation's economic recovery. and charlie sheen. he's at it again. >> good morning, charlie. >> hey, charlie. >> shepard: wild new interviews about his partying, drug abuse, and why he says he deserves a raise, plus results of his oncamera drug test. but, first from fox this monday night, the people of libya love muammar qaddafi. that from muammar qaddafi. even as a massive uprising consumes his country.
. that's it for this "special report." >> shepard: there is breaking news now as fox reports live from tokyo. a fire has erupted and it is in a critical spot at reactor number 4 at the fukushima nuclear plant about 180 miles to the north of where i am standing. here is the situation. yesterday a fire broke out there. inside this particular reactor number 4, it's inside a building but it's outside the major containment area. because this particular reactor was off line when the tsunami came after the earthquake. inside this particular reactor are fuel rods, both plutonium and uranium. they have been sitting in what amounts to a swimming pool for a nuclear fuel rods. as long as the water is in there and the temperature is maintained, the rods won't cause any problems. the fear is in this case that this time yesterday the water goes so low that these two created a fire. that con k. send out radiation and nuclear materials into the air. so, they thought they put it out. just about 45 minutes ago, we learned from the nuclear regulatory agency here that they did not put it out. in fact, it i
tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: what if? what if you enter another nation's civil war but you don't take sides and you don't really war at all and the dictator who must go won't go? stalemate? >> i think a stalemate is not in anybody's interests. >> shepard: so how do we break it? >> all ofs have you to continue to pressure on and deepen the isolation of the qaddafi regime. >> shepard: as the world increases the pressure, we are seeing signs that qaddafi's cough dants are starting to crack. call it plan b. if military power can't drive out qaddafi. maybe world leaders can make him an offer he can't refuse. tonight, the secret escape hatch that could let qaddafi walk free. plus why there might be a problem with any plan to start arming those rebels. tonight, talk of an al qaeda connection. but first from fox this tuesday night, the not war in libya could still end with muammar qaddafi living in exile, running from the country he has lorded over for four decades. that was the suggestion today from america's top diplomat. secretary of stat
, and unafraid. make it a great weekend. >> shepard: a day of rage bust in saudi arabia. at home nfl talks collapse. players sue the league. next, a lockout. and the top story around the world disaster on a global scale. one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded. hundreds confirmed dead. fires rage. towns washed away. and nuclear plants facing possible meltdown. the quake rocked buildings be rained concrete on to sidewalks. triggered concerns of a meltdown at a nuclear power plant. and that was just the beginning. the tsunami that followed cut into the coast, washed away cars and homes and people. and then the wave raced across the ocean toward the united states. tonight planetary disaster and a global response. and it's first from fox this friday night. we're getting a look at the day after in japan now. and we're getting an idea of the enormous devastation there after the massive earthquake shoocket northeastern part of that country and a major tsunami then drowned it. police say hundreds of people are already confirmed dead. entire neighborhoods in ruins or under water. at leas
," fair, balanced, and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. >> shepard: the situation at a nuclear plant in japan grows my dire by the hour. tonight, the warning from the united states top nuclear chief. plus, the workers who stayed behind and put their lives on the line. i'm shepard smith live in tokyo. the news starts now. they fight their way through radiation and dodge explosions in the dark. risking their own lives for their country. the unseen heros who may be japan's last line of defense against an even bigger disaster. meanwhile, an emotional reunion for one quake survivor. but search crews also finding more victims. and one relief worker says the situation at the shelters is getting desperate. >> the stores are empty. nothing is getting through here. >> shepard: plus, an american who lived through the quake and tsunami finally gets word to her family. now, the battle to bring her home. most experts say the radiation will not reach the united states. lots of americans apparently are not listening. tonight the iodine rush and the reality check. good thursday mor
in japan, foxnews.com for details on that, it is worth your time, thanks for watching. shepard is in tokyo and he starts now. >> shepard: 4:00 a.m. wednesday morning in tokyo, 3:00 tuesday afternoon, in new york. i'm shepard smith reporting from japan's capital. the troubled fukushima nuclear plant to the north said to be releasing dangerous radioactive material into the atmosphere, at one point it was drifting toward our location in tokyo until the winds changed and pushed it out over the pacific ocean. officials here ordering tens of thousands of people, near the plant to seal themselves indoors in their homes or businesses or whatever, the earthquake knocked out the system that feeps the fuel rods cool and helicopters may begin dumping sea water on the troubled reactors to keep them from overheating and the local power company says it is their own option and the water will evaporate, expose those rods and that could lead to what they are calling a total meltdown in which they burn through the containment vessel and start spewing mass amounts of radioactive material into the air. all of
will be on "the fox report" with shepard smith. i will be over on t broadcast network as you look live there with coverage and analysis. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," as always fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: mr. president, exactly why are we in the libyan civil war? when will the war -- will we war again as other dictators dictate? and when do we stop? [chanting] >> there is no imminent threat. there is no end game. there this is a nightmare. this policy has been characterized by confusion, indecision, and delay. >> shepard: president obama now looking to clear up any confusion and perhaps answer some big questions why did we get involved? how long could this last? and is this now u.s. policy whenever there is an uprising? but, first from fox this monday night, we're just minutes away now from the president's address to the nation on libya. president obama will speak from the national defense university at fort mcnair d.c. in abraham lincoln hall. a hall he helped dedicate two years ago. the president's remarks will come a
follow follow-up i will discuss the legal aspect of it tonight thank you for watching, here is shepard. >>shepard: thank you very much. good morning from tokyo. it's 4:00 a.m. in the capital city in japan, 3 p.m. in new york city and the japanese people will awake as the sunrises in an hour and 45 minutes to learn that power outages will be rolling across this nation as they work to conserve fuel as 30 percent of all energy across japan comes from nuclear power and now there are great concerns of nuclear meltdown on the northeast coast a couple of hundred kilometers from where we are now. behind me is the rainbow bridge a fixture in tokyo. it is usually lit up in many colors and it is shut down as are the tops of skyscrapers as they work for voluntary energy conservation in the hopes that extra tokyo will not have to face the kind of black outs that could be necessary across this nation. high alert cross japan with nuclear concerns, thousands of people washing ashore, and many thousands still missing, and a disaster which the prime minister says here tokyo and the rest of the japan hav
radiation gets carried there. is no dispute this is a monstrous humanitarian disaster. shepard smith joins us live from tokyo where now just after 11 a.m.. >> shepard: good morning. it is hard to imagine all of these days late water the people of japan are dealing with. first a cataclysmic quake that we know was 9.0. followed by that a tsunami that no one predicted. follow that with a nuclear meltdown of sorts, of one reactor that explodes. another with a fire. now nuclear rods that are exposed sending we believe some sort of steam into the air that may contain radiation. thousands upon thousands of people missing. many hundreds still believed to be trapped beneath rub. families separated. thousands washed out to sea. economy teetering on the brink of collapse. families that can't get food, shelter and fuel to move out of the danger zone. and a government that is in some way trying to inform, the people about what their future may be. putting it all together, you couldn't write this that would be believable for hollywood. today on this wednesday morning it is reality for people across this
shepard smith on the ground in toke but the latest. all eyes on the fukushima power plant. moments ago officials heard a second explosion. it is believed the uranium fuel rods in each of the three reactors are melting down. more than a half million have been evacuated. today another explosion injured eleven workers. friday's quake knocked out the cooling system efforts to cool the meting rods using thousands of gallons of seawater are ongoing. on japan's eastern seaboard is being described as a tide of bodies. estimated 2,000 victims have washed ashore. crematoriums in the region are filled. authorities are scrambling to locate body bags. the official death toll is mounting a police chief said an estimated 10,000 are believed to be dead in his province alone. food and water shortages are complicated -- are complicating this crisis. temperatures near freezing as millions are without power. let me bring in shepard smith live in tokyo. >> shepard: sean, good morning from folk yo. just past 10 a.m. here. we are getting new information about how they believe this most recent explosion happe
. >> roger roll "discovery." >> jon: i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. first from fox tonight as washington and other world powers debate whether to take action in libya, the battles are raging. the libyan people are dying and muammar qaddafi is apparently trying some new tactics. today libyan state tv announced the government will pay $400,000 to anybody who captures the leader of the rebel fighters in eastern libya. so far, no word of any takers. and we are seeing incredible images from the battlefield that show the rebels are still keeping up a fierce fight. this is the scene in the eastern city of bin gentleman wad. rebel forces have been firing rokdz at qaddafi's forces weapon of choice is the antiaircraft gun. war planes have been hitting sites all around the town and doctors say at least four people have died in the latest fighting there. somebody also apparently blew up a nearby oil storage facility. the rebels and the government are blaming each other for the strike. and it's not clear who is actually responsible. qaddafi supporters are also claiming to now control the town of zawi
there is snow and freezing temperatures. shepard smith is live in tokyo with the latest. what is going on now at that fukushima power plant? >> shepard: right now that, we've been watching the live feeds they've made four drops of water. the first three of those drops according to nhk and the reporting of the japanese government were on that reactor number 3. yesterday they were telling us that numbers 1 and 2 reactors had been damaged number 3 had been damaged much of the roof off at number 3, we don't know why. they made three water drops on that. then white steam or smoke was seen coming out of there. possible explanations for that according to the nuclear experts is when the water hits it creates a steam. put cold water on something hot it makes steam. in this case that steam is expected to have radioactive material in it that's being released into the air. the winds are out of the west and the southwest. which means whatever radiation there is being pushed off into the pacific ocean. that's why members of the navy have gone around the other side of the island so are up wind. the fourth d
and japan. we start with japan. radiation leaking into the atmosphere is already here. shepard spit is live in tokyo. steve harrigan is on the ground in libya with the latest from that embattled nation. newt gingrich on the president's reaction to these crises in a moment. first, dhs officials have confirmed two flights departing tokyo, one bound for chicago the other for dallas set off radiational alarms when they arrived yesterday. the presence of low radiation levels in travelers luggage and the cabin filtration system no passengers were quarantined and the cargo was cleared. on the chicago flight small amounts were detected in the air fill system and luggage, it was also detected on passengers. u.s. customs officials are denying that. dhs has started screening passengers and cargo coming into l.a.x. from japan. as the golden state braces for a potentially dangerous radioactive plume coming from japan. the united states projects the plume will drift across the pacific hitting the aleutian islands first then southern california, late tomorrow. joining me on this and more is shepard smith.
to have new grave fears of a radiation leak. this nightmare just got worse. shepard smith is live in japan. latest from him in minutes. right now, more than 2,000 confirmed dead. waves of bodies washing ashore. that is only the beginning. the number of dead is expected to hit 10,000 or more. millions tonight have no food, no water and no heat in near freezing temperatures. they are homeless and cramming into shelters. this hell on earth started with the quake, then the monster tsunami wiping out villages. the only thing left to one village is their website. everything else, including its people, washed away. new haunting video from the airport. >> greta: you can hear the panic as the walls of water rolling taking everything in its wake, structures, cars even the people. at this hour, it is 11 a.m. in japan tomorrow morning where the japanese are raising the clock to prevent a nuclear meltdown. shepard smith joins us live from tokyo. >> shepard: good morning from tokyo. we are waiting to hear from the prime minister. this new explosion happened about five hours ago. just after 6 a.m. local
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